Summary of Italy GenWebs Volunteer Needs.

  • Country Host for Italy:
    The country host is responsible for interviewing all province hosts and setting them up.
  • Region hosts: 22+ Volunteers needed.
    The Region host set up information on the region, and oversees and helps provinces.
  • Province Hosts 103+ Volunteers needed.
    The Provinces Host set up the information on provinces, and oversees and helps comuni host.
  • For a list of Unhosted Regions/Provinces or Comuni Please see here

    This is the correct page if you are interested in the possibility of hosting a Region, Province or comuni website, but you want some more information. The most common question is:
    What do I have to do? First I have to answer that with what you need:

    • An e-mail account
    • Some free time to set your website pages.
    • Knowledge of HTML

    Once that is set up, all you need to do is to create a page that deals with Genealogical information about your chosen Region, Province or Communi.
    It might include such things as:

    • A short history of the Region, Province or Commune.
    • Maps and Geography
    • Relevant weblinks.
    • Emphasis on genealogical resources available for your area.
    • Resource Addresses (Libraries, archives)
    • Society Addresses
    • Culture and Religious History.
    • Links to relevant Query Boards
    • Mailing List
    • Reference Materials (census, deeds, biographics, etc)

    You may want to have a look at the other Country home pages to get a better idea.

    If you need any tips on writing HTML documents, there is help on Rootsweb.
    Here are a few helpful links, which have many more helpful links:
    The Webmasters' FAQ

    What are my responsibilities?
    They are quite simple. You would provide your e-mail address on your page as a contact person for people who have questions. A little background or general interest in your province helps.

    You could maintain a Query page this is very simple. A person fills out a query and hits the submit button. All you need do, is to periodically maintain the mailing list.

    But I'm not really an expert on genealogy nor on this area, and I don't speak Italian. Can I still do it?

    • Yes, you can.

    Do not let this prevent you from trying. You may not be an expert, but you can not become one either if you don't practice it! There are plenty of people associated with this Italian Genealogy site who know Italian, so you may always ask them for help. And with the contact you will have with the people asking you questions about the Italian areas, you will learn more than you ever thought you might, and you might be surprised at how much you already know. You may be more of an expert than you think! So give it a try! If you would like to volunteer for a Province or have if you have few more questions, please contact me and be a part of an already great team of hosts.

    If you are still reading and thinking seriously of trying this please do. Your help will be appreciated.
    Italy Country Host

    Helpful hints for Hosts of Italy GenWeb

    This page is for current and potential volunteer Hosts of Italy WGW.

    If you have any problems or need assistance please e-mail me.

    General Host Information

    As a Host for World Gen Web,
    • Know and adhere to World Gen Web Policies.
    • The home page of country web sites must provide a return link to the WorldGenWeb - and must display the logo.
    • If you are a host of a region/province/county/town etc you are expected to provide a return link to your country. In this case it is Italy WGW -
    • Provide a link to your regional site also. In this case Mediterranean GenWeb -
    • If you ever have an issue that you cannot resolve with any of your fellow hosts, please do not hesitate to contact your regional coordinator (or any other members of the WGW advisory board). See for contact details.

    Rootsweb Mailing

    • You are not under obligation to use Rootsweb Mailing list
    • WorldGenWeb hosts may have FREE locality mailing lists for the areas they host. Please request new mailing lists at: Rootsweb request a Mailing List

    RootsWeb Surname List

    • add you surnames to RootsWeb Surname List.

    Region and Province Sites

    • You may use your own website for Region and Province Pages or you can request a free Geographical Web Space Account on RootsWeb
    • There is also the possibility of Searching "" from "free web hosting".

    Graphics Page: for Region and Province Hosts