Archives contributions

One of the biggest problems facing the Genealogist is finding records. Sometimes we hit a brick wall and have no idea where to go next. A small bit of information can sometimes pave the way for finding whole families. Immigration is another large problem were did they go and when.

Many of you out there have done research in Churches, city halls and other places and have information that may be of use to many others. It is also a way for you to share that information with others researching the same lines as you. It may even help you Because those researching names or areas you are will be able to contact you with information they may hold.

If you have information that you would like to share with others please send it to us and we will enter it in the archives. For the benefit of all.

What we consider Archival Material

These are the categories we are considering. If you have any other ideas on this subject please fell free to contact the host

Civil, Church and Military Service Records

Databases and Transcribed records from specific areas or groups.
These may include

Births - Deaths - Marriage records - Obituary notices - Cemeteries

Baptismal - Marriage - Death

Military Service Records
Roles of those who served their country, Death records from wars etc.


Names of Countries and those that immigrated there.

Passenger lists Ships Dates and those that sailed on them

Personal and Historical

Bible Records, Clubs and organizations of Italians. Studies done on work related issue's, education and any historical event affecting the lives of the Italian People.

Rules of the Archives

  1. Information must not have been copyrighted by anyone but the submitter.
  2. All information submitted remains property of the Submitter and copyright rules apply.
  3. Information may be used for personal use, No publication of any kind unless agreed to by submitter.
  4. All item's must be submitted to Italy Gen Web which will determine if the information is suitable for publication on this site.
  5. All item's submitted to Italy Gen Web becomes Public Domain.