Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:Prinzess Irene

Departed Naples on March 26, 1909,

Arriving New York April 9, 1909.

Contributed by: Bonnie
Researching are "Pappalardo, Barbagallo,Bianchi, Sotera, and Ferrari.

The lists are copies of pages I happened to have in my possession. They are not complete lists, nor are my translations of the handwriting always correct. In some cases I had to guess at some of the names.  I will try to decipher any other information on the page that would help in someone's search.

Notes: This page was extremely difficult to read, so pardon all the "?", but possibly someone out there will still recognize a name.





Barbagallo Giuseppe 21 US Washington DC
Barbagallo Ludovico 24 US Washington DC
Barbagallo /brother Antonino 16 US Washington DC
Coco Placido 25 Catania Washington DC
Fogliani Clemente 18 Castiglione PA
Galofaro Benedetto 23 Catania Washington DC
Galofaro /brother Alfio 16 Catania Washington DC
Gergone Biagio 16 Messina Johnstown PA
Giusdati? Giuseppe 22 Castiglione New York
Gorgone? Giuseppe 19 Messina Johnstown PA
Lomonoes? Carmelo 23 Castiglione Albany NY
Margarelli Giuseppe 30 Messina Johnstown PA
Miletrus? Giuseppe 27 Catania PA
Minochi? Salvatore 25 Ragenta? New York
Monforte Salvatore 27 Catania New York
Noggio? Luigi 21 Messina Johnstown PA
Parisi Filippo 27 Catania Albany NY
Sotera Mario 47 US Washington DC
Stagnitti Rosario 41 Catania New York

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