Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:Prinzess Irene

Sailing from Naples on October 13, 1905

Arriving New York on October 26, 1905.

Contributed by: Bonnie

Researching are "Pappalardo, Barbagallo,Bianchi, Sotera, and Ferrari.

Note: The 15 month baby above had a note stating that he was born in the U.S. Also, Benedetta Barbagallo was my Ancestor The 2 Placido's listed below her are also my Relatives. Their last name is Pappalardo, but they are listed with their father's first name as their surname. This error was probably due to the language barrier.

Name Age From To
DeVito A...giato? 26 Maierat East Liberty
DiLeo Dominico 32 Sant Onofrio East Liberty
Talarico Anna Maria 18 Panettieri Cleveland
Grego Fortunato 22 Panettieri New York
Pingitore Maria Antonia 45 Carlopoli Joliet, IL
Scalzo Gregorio 9 Carlopoli Joliet, IL
Fazio Francesca 48 Panettieri Cleveland
Mancuso Peppino 13 Panettieri Cleveland
Mancuso Cristina 10 Panettieri Cleveland
D'Alessandro Giuseppe 35 Castel di Leri Mount Carmel
Frislaclei? M. Giuseppa 37 Satriano New York
Cirillo Salvatore 14 Satriano New York
Privitera Caterina 39 Furnari New York
DiMario Antonina 18 Furnari New York
Pagano Piocco 28 Messina Philadelphia
Bruno Candelara 27 Messina Philadelphia
Reitano Felice 31 Salina Jersey City
Console Alfia 30 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Barbagallo Benedetta 29 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Placido Antonio 11 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Placido Lucia 9 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Barbagallo Giuseppe 18 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Ristano Gaetano 23 Lipari Cortland NY
Mondello Placido 29 Messina Brooklyn
Previte Grazia 20 San Pier Niceto Johnstown PA
Arico Pietro 21 Valdina Philadelphia
Arico Antonino 17 Valdina Philadelphia
Citro Raffaele 37 Messina New York
Sciotto Annunziata 25 San Pier Niceto Anita PA
Previte Giuseppe 15mo San Pier Niceto Anita PA

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