Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:Perugia

Departed:Palermo September, 1913

Arrived:New York Sept. 26, 1913

Contributed by: Cathy

Researching: Guiseppe GIORLANDO, from Alcamo, prov of Trapani.

Notes: I would be happy to share the one page I have. It is the ship my grandfather arrived on. Please list his name (as I am having a difficult time finding any more info than I already have) It was Guiseppe GIORLANDO, Alcamo, Trapani, Sicily

The following information was taken from the manifest of the ship the SS Perugia, of the Anchor Line. She left Palermo, Sicily on September ?, 1913 and arrived in NY, NY on September 26, 1913.

The following names were found on page 19.

Name Age Place of Birth Destination
Vinci Giovanni 32 Marsala Brooklyn
Tripoli Paola 23 Marsala Brooklyn
Giardina Francesco 54 Marsala Chicago
Giardina Lorenza 15 Marsala Chicago
La Grasso Girolama 21 Marsala Detroit
Sparla Vincenza 5 Marsala Detroit
Lociari Vito 16 Marsala
Barbera Antonio 52 Marsala Chicago
Barbera Salvatore 16 Chicago
Tranchina Guiseppe 17 Marsala Chicago
Pugliese Antonino 17 Marsala Chicago
Mangogna Mariano 18 Poggioreale New York
Prima Rossolino 39 ? Brooklyn
DiMaria Antonio 19 S. Ninfa Brooklyn
Caraccia Guiseppe 28 S. Ninfa ?
Giambalio Vincenzo 19 S. Ninfa Brooklyn
Martino Luigi 16 S. Ninfa Akron, Ohio
Ruggio Paolino 18 S. Ninfa Akron, Ohio
Palermi Lucia 36 S. Ninfa Brooklyn
Giambalvo Maria 14 S. Ninfa Brooklyn
Giorlando, Guiseppe 19 Alcamo Detroit
(my grandfather)
Pirrello Francesco 19 Alcamo Detroit
Guarneri Salvatore 27 S. Cataldo Pittsburg
Cali Cataldo 22 S. Cataldo Pennsylvania
Anzalone Raimando 17 S. Cataldo New York
Prizzi Luigi 33 S. Cataldo New York
Buscemi Arcangelo 28 S. Cataldo New York
Cammarata Francesco 17 S. Cataldo New York
Di Girolamo Paolo 24 Marsala New Aver(?)
Erunia Salvatore 22 S. Cataldo Pennsylvania

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