Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:Patria

Departed Palermo on June 14,1914

Arriving New York June 26, 1914.

Contributed By: Bonnie

Researching are "Pappalardo, Barbagallo,Bianchi, Sotera, and Ferrari.

The lists are copies of pages I happened to have in my possession. They are not complete lists, nor are my translations of the handwriting always correct. In some cases I had to guess at some of the names. I will try to decipher any other information on the page that would help in someone's search.

Surname Age From To
Bisicchia Alfio 16 Biancavilla Lawrence MA
Lamdro Filippo 26 Biancavilla New York NY
Sciuto Salvatore 52 Vittoria New York NY
Sciuts Concetta 12 Aderno New York NY
Spuno Giuseppe 41 Cinquefrondi Clarksburg WV
Parisi Alfio 30 Aderno New York NY
Mannins? Salvatore 23 blank blank
Tripolone Salvatore 23 Cistiglione? New York NY
Mancuso Angelo 23 S. Lucia Toronto Ont.
Amico Giuseppe 17? S. Filippo Montreal Que
Falsetti Salvatore 17 S. Lucia Toronto Ont
Chirico Lorenzo 16 S. Lucia Hamilton Ont
Salamtri Francesca 20 Regalbuto New York NY
Allegra Vito 35 Regalbuto New York NY
Allegra Giuseppe 15 Regalbuto New York NY
Oliva Vincenza 16 Regalbuto New York NY
Gorgone Giuseppe 29 S. Maria Baltimore MD
Burzi Angelo 22 S. Maria Lawrence MA
Pappalardo Lucia 18 S. Maria Lawrence MA
Pappalardo Placido 48 S. Maria Lawrence MA
Barbagallo Benedetta 38 S. Maria Lawrence MA
Pappalardo Giuseppe 14 S. Maria Lawrence MA
Pappalardo Maria 10 S. Maria Lawrence MA
Pappalardo Francesco 4 S. Maria Lawrence MA
Pappalardo Alfredo 2 S. Maria Lawrence MA
Crosafulli? Antonino 17 Furnari Washington PA
Milone Cosimo 15 Furnari Centreville ?
Cofremeo? Domenico 50 S. Roberto? New York NY
Quattrocchi Antonino 29 Barcellona ? PA
Scazzo? Salvatore 29 Vittoria New York NY

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