Italian Immigrant Ships

Ships name:SS. Lombardia

Departed Naples May 8, 1902,

arrived Port of New York On May 22, 1902

Contributed by: Pamela

I have in my posession ONE PAGE of the Passenger List (Manifest) for one voyages of the ship S.S. Lombardia (a vessel of the Navigazione Generale Italiana Line) Below lists the names that appear on this page, one of whom is my Maternal grandfather. It would be my great pleasure if one of these passengers were one of your relatives. Please review the list and let me know!
But, I did the best I could. Happy hunting!

Fulginiti Marianna 29 Montano Italy
Clerico Marianna 40 Montano Italy
Clerico Maria Antonia 17 Montano Italy
Clerico Maria 14 Montano Italy
Clerico Gregorio 12 Montano Italy
Musi Soccorso? 48 Castelfranci Italy
Forcita Giuseppe 23 Caserta Italy
Bartolomeo Vito 48 Maschito Italy
Bartomolemeo /son Michele 11 Maschito Italy
DiFrancesco Giovanni 26 Trenta Italy
Tacino Giuseppe 23 Casabona Italy
Pellieri Natale 16 Casabone Italy
Guerra Francesco 16 Casabone Italy
DiGiacomo Aniello 39 (town illegible)
Sirianni MicheleAngelo 41 S? or L? Biase Italy
Mancino Antonio 18 Apice Italy
DeBellis Giuseppe 17 Apice Italy
Centrillo Domenico 32 Marabella
DiGiovanni Salvatore 27 Rogiano? Italy

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