Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:Konig Albert

Sailing from Naples on March 15, 1907

Arriving New York on March 30, 1907

Contributed by: Bonnie
Researching are "Pappalardo, Barbagallo,Bianchi, Sotera, and Ferrari.

Notes: The lists are copies of pages I happened to have in my possession. They are not complete lists, nor are my translations of the handwriting always correct. In some cases I had to guess at some of the names. I will try to decipher any other information on the page that would help in someone's search.
Second page is written in a different handwriting from the first one. He was not to descriptive with the last residence category. It appears that many of these men had already been in the US previously.
Hope this helps someone.

Name age From To
?.....oia? Giuseppe 42 ? Keyser PA
Aroile Giuseppe 33 Forza di Agro Essex
Bagala Nicola 30 US New York
Barbagallo Gaetano 28 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Barbagallo Ludovico 21 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Bartolina? Carmela 22 Italy New York
Blanca Andrea 18 ? Philadelphia
Bonarrigo Giuseppe 43 Gualtieri? Marstellar PA
Bonarrigo Antonio 35 Gualtieri? Utica NY
Borgia Dominico 45 Gualtieri? Utica NY
Brissi Rosa 22 ? New York
Cacciola Tommaso 37 US Philadelphia
Cancino Giuseppe 23 ? Philadelphia
Cannavo Giuseppe 17 Italy New York
Colosi Sebastiano 28 Italy Essex
Costantino Francesco 21 ? Philadelphia
Dicava Carmela 24 Italy New York
Dovi Agostino 30 USA New York
Dovi /wife Lucia 22 Italy New York
Fenaale? Dominico 42 ? Keyser PA
Furnari Antonio 20 S.M. DiLicodia Fairport NY
Furnari Giovanni 21 S.M. DiLicodia Fairport NY
Furnari Benedetto 22 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Furnari Pietro 31 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Furnari Gaetano 28 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Furnari Filippo 31 S.M. DiLicodia Fairport NY
Garbone Salvatore 23 US Philadelphia
Garofalo Luigi 36 Italy Washington
Greco Saverio 27 ? Keyser PA
Lacroce Pietro 23 ? Shamokin, PA
Lizzio Letterio 21 Spadafora New York
Meinuto Pietro 30 Gualtieri? Utica NY
Meraili? Biagio 18 ? Philadelphia
Merlino Giuseppe 32 US Philadelphia
Merlino Gaetano 16 US Philadelphia
Mirarchi Pasquale 17 ? Keyser PA
Muscolino Carmelo 32 Italy New York
Muscolino Giuseppa 29 Italy New York
Nichi Riccardo 26 US Philadelphia
Pagano Carmela 31 Italy New York
Perlico Nicolo 21 Gualtieri? New York
Prospio? Dominico 40 ? Shamokin, PA
Puglisi Salvatore 18 Gualtieri? Baltimore MD
Puglisi Giuseppe 25 Forza di Agro New York
Puglisi /wife Maria Agatina 20 Italy New York
Rapisardo Giovanni 33 S.M. DiLicodia Washington DC
Saffiotti Antonino 35 ? New York
Saffiotti /wife Bagala, Teresa

Sambataro Giovanni 22 ? Fairport
San Polliano Nicolo 2 Gualtieri? New York
Schepis Pietro 21 Gualtieri? Cohoes NY
Schepis Felice 52 Gualtieri? Cohoes NY
Schipis Antonina 36 Gualtieri? New York
Scicchitano Vito 35 ? Shamokin, PA
Sotera Mario 40 US Washington
Torrisi Mario 24 ? Washington
Turgi? Lucio 32 ? New York
Varana Pasquale 57 ? Shamokin, PA
Villara Giuseppe 17 Italy Middletown
Villara Carmela 24 Italy Essex

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