Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:Konig Albert

From Genoa/Naples Departed Naples: June 2,1905

Arriving New York: June 15, 1905

Contributed by:Donna

Researching: BIANCHINO(I), CELLA, NARDIELLO, SCARINGI, CERONE,GALANTE. All from Muro Lucano, Potenza

Notes: *Please note that this document is very difficult to read. I have done my best trying to read the writing and the poor quality of the copy. There were so many questionable spellings I could not have possibly put question marks by all of them. Often I just put down what it looks like knowing it must be incorrect but hoping it could help someone who may know what it’s supposed to be. Often when I could not guess I put a question mark.


Age Occupation Last residence


Relative or Friend
Scutise Antonio 54? farmer(?) Caposite Newark daugh Maria
Scutise Salvatore 18? farmer

Cerdoni(?) Francesco 41? farmer Muro Lucano Boston b-i-l ??Antonio
Pef?? Dominico 18 farmer Muro Lucano NY ????
Perillo Guiseppe 21 farmer Muro Lucano NY Uncle ? Archangelo
Trotta Dominico 16 ??? Muro Lucano NY Uncle Guiseppe Trotta
Straininello Antonio 46? farmer Muro Lucano NY b-i-l Piccirillo ????faro
Bianchino Salvatore 17 farmer Muro Lucano W.Albany cousin Donato Cella
Ferracanno Antonio 38 farmer Muro Lucano NY Antonio Grasso
Ferracanno Salvatore 18 farmer Muro Lucano NY
Lavarella Pelino 38 ? Muro Lucano N.Sturbeville? Brother Angelo
Colillo Guiseppe 21 Brother Liberto

Mandozi Paufilo 28 Brother Rocco

Galante Dominicantonio 16

NY Uncle Carducci Nunzio
Saccoccia Pietro 40 ? Hartford Conn Brother ???
Rosai Guiseppe 47 Laborer S??? Phila.PA Brother Rocco
Tesfari ??? 32 Porter? Pifusio Cauajosie B-i-l Ceronni Angelo
Germani Lorenzo 42 Porter? Pifusio Cauajosie NY Godfthr Salvucci Luigi

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