Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:SS. India

Anchor Line Steamship Company

Departed Port of Naples on December 31, 1892

Arrived Port of New York February 3, 1893.

Contributed by: Pamela

**Just a sidenote....according to the book "Ships of Our Ancestors", this vessel was built in 1869! The picture shown of her (in the book) is lovely....two huge sails. No wonder it took her almost five weeks to get from Naples to New York. The above-listed passengers left their homeland on New Year’s Eve to make their long journey to America. Can you imagine?!

Below lists one short page of the passenger list for the Ship.

SURNAME FIRST NAME Age Occupation Last Residence Final Destination
SCIMICO SALVATORE 22 Baker Taormina New York
OLIVO DOMICO (or Domenico) 26 Baker Castrovellone New York
DI AGOSTINO Nicola 43 Blacksmith S. Bartolomeo New York
CASTIGLINO Agata 49 Wife Writing Illegible New York
VALANTI MicheleAngelo 20 Laborer Vallo New York
ALONCA Pietro 33 Baker Termini New York
CELESTINO Bartolomeo 28 Laborer Paulo New York
PIRAGLIA Pasquale 29 Tanner Priamanto New York
DELLE CARFINO Antonio 28 Tanner Priamanto New York
CARPENTIRI Giuseppe 22 Bricklayer Salerno New York
GENOVESE Angelo 32 Laborer Potenza New York
IACCONE Giacamo 21 Laborer Isernia New York
GUSTOSO Pasquale 16 Laborer S. Lombardi New York
PILOSI Maria 41 Housewife S. Lombardi New York
CAPRIANO C.Antonio 17 Laborer S. Lombardi New York
DE CRISTOFORO Cosimo 37 Laborer Campobasso New York
CARRICOTI Innocenza (fem) 23 Help (yes help) Cosenza New York

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