Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:Europa

Departed Naples August 5, 1908, Arrive New York August 19,1908

Contributed By: Bonnie
Researching are "Pappalardo, Barbagallo,Bianchi, Sotera, and Ferrari.

The lists are copies of pages I happened to have in my possession. They are not complete lists, nor are my translations of the handwriting always correct. In some cases I had to guess at some of the names. I will try to decipher any other information on the page that would help in someone's search.

Amanti Maria 18 Foliguo? Old Forge, Pa
Banetti Giuseppe 24 Foligno? Old Forge, PA
Brimetti Nicolo 24 Franca? New York
Carulo Giuseppe 76 Castelcivita Williamsport, PA
Ciacco Gaetano 49 Aprigliano New York
Ciacco son, Tommaso 12 Aprigliano New York
Ciacco son, Francesco 9 Aprigliano New York
Coletta Alessandro 44 Castel di Sasso Westfield, NJ?
DeSantio Giuseppe 31 Caserta New York
DeSantis Nunziata 35 Acri *noted "Deported Hemsford, CT
Falcone Ferdonando 19 Aprigliano New York
Foglisci Giuseppe 9 Gravina Stamford, CT
Foglisci? Angela 7 Gravina Stamford, CT
Mercede Filippo 22 Gravina Stamford, CT
Nicoletti Stefano 27 S.Stefano di Rogliano Johnstown, PA
Nudo Vincenzo 25 Mendicino ?
Pappalardo Placido 39 S.M. DiLicodia Washington, DC
Pappalardo son, Giovanni 10 S.M. DiLicodia Washington, DC
Pappalardo son, Giuseppe 8 S.M. DiLicodia Washington, DC
Pappalardo daughter, Maria 5 S.M. DiLicodia Washington, DC
Perrotta Elvira 17 Gravina Stamford, CT
Rivelliui Domenico 34 Somma? New Haven, CT
Rivelliui /wife Guercia, Giustina 29 Somma? New Have, CT
Santa Maria Pasquale 55 Pontecorvo Prorcolerlee?
Scorsa Eugenio 19 Lattarico Brooklyn, NY
Tarolieri? Pietro 36 Castel di Sangro ?, PA
Tromelliti? Rosius 25 Caserta Philadelphia, PA
Vellocca Vincenzo 36 Napoli Brooklyn, NY
Versei Angelo 65 Pecuria, Roma ?
Yorio M. Giacoma 19 Pontecorvo Berlin

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