Italian Immigrants Ships

Ships Name:SS. Cachmire

Sailing from Marscilles,
Arriving New York on December 2, 1886

Contributed by:Bonnie

Researching are "Pappalardo,Barbagallo,Bianchi,Sotera, and Ferrari.

The lists are copies of pages I happened to have in my possession. They are not complete lists, nor are my translations of the handwriting always correct. In some cases I had to guess at some of the names. I will try to decipher any other information on the page that would help in someone's search.

Name Age From To
Cuimino Paolina 2 Castallamare New York
Cuimino Carmela 1 Castallamare New York
Polifroni Filippo 43 Cirella New York
Califano Giovani 24 Bonorenta? New York
del Cufo? Carmela 24 Bonorenta? New York
Croce Bartolomeo 24 Rouchette Croce New York
Izzo Benedetto 19 Rouchette Croce New York
Cardello Angelo Michello 26 Taurasi New York
Cardella Lucien? 3 Taurasi New York
Silvestro Sebastiano 55 San Fele New York
Marionlonia Carmela 52 San Fele New York
Rosa Sebastiano 20 San Fele New York
Guarnieri Angelo Raffaele 13 Albano Di Luciania New York
Piro Gaetano 65 Spinosa New York
Piro Giuseppe 22 Spinosa New York
Mazzaferi Natale 21 Corigliano New York
Arioli Francesco 26 Villavallelonga New York
Corona Antonio 28 Villavallelonga New York
Ferrari Pietro 26 Villavallelonga New York
Corona Domenico 41 Villavallelonga New York
Mastrella Francesco 29 Villavallelonga New York
Palazzi Domenico 45 Villavallelonga New York
Palazzi Cesidio 29 Villavallelonga New York
Ferrari Leucio 28 Villavallelonga New York
Bianchi Nunziato 16 Villavallelonga New York
Bianchi Vincenzo 41 Villavallelonga New York
Tantalo Giovani 32 Villavallelonga New York
Bianchi Domenico 23 Villavallelonga New York
Pilarosia? Pietro 35 Villavallelonga New York
Anerisani Vito 59 San Fele New York
Cancellari Francesca 11 San Fele New York
Fasanella Sebastiano 20 San Fele New York
Angrisani Vincenzo 29 San Fele New York
Carnevale? Maria Giovana 31 San Fele New York

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