Italian Immigrant Ships

Ship name:Anglia - Anchor Line steamship

Arrived New York April 13, 1891

Contributed by: Tony no longer works)

My interest in this arrival arises from the fact that the passengers include 153 survivors of the sinking of the steamship Utopia at Gibraltar. I believe that my great grandfather, Francesco Bausano, was one of those who died at Gibraltar. I had hoped to learn more about possible survivors from Mezzojuso.

If you have any information about the Utopia shipwreck or any of the passengers shown below, I would be happy to hear from you. Most of what I know about the Utopia can be found on my web site(Link no longer works)

Name Age Sex Occupation Destination
Alfieri Salvatore 25 m farmer unk
Alfonso Pasquale 23 m laborer NY
Algieri Rinello-Michel 29 m ch NY
Ali F 26 m farmer NY
Almelo Leopoldo 29 m driver NY
Ambroso B 25 f none Buffalo
Ambroso F 29 m farmer Buffalo
Amoroso C 35 m farmer NY
Andrea A 4 m child Buffalo
Antenucci Antonio 38 m laborer unk
Antonini Luigi 19 m farmer NY
Arello L 18 m laborer NY
Baglio Giuseppe 40 m laborer Buffalo
Baldi Calogero 38 m laborer Buffalo
Barbieri Pasquale 18 m farmer Phil
Barone Antonino 29 m laborer Buffalo
Barratucci V 32 m farmer NY
Bartolo Domenico 46 m farmer Phil
Bartolomucci G 58 m shoemaker NY
Bartolomuccio M 31 m farmer NY
Bartolomuccio M 37 m laborer NY
Basso T 36 f none NY
Battaglia Antonino 22 m laborer Buffalo
Battista GD 20 m laborer Brooklyn
Bellini Giuseppe 36 m farmer NY
Bombino F 24 m farmer NY
Bombino S 20 f farmer NY
Bordonaro Giuseppe 15 m laborer Chicago
Bordonaro Michele 22 m laborer Chicago
Bordonaro Salvatore 47 m laborer NY
Borrelli R 17 m laborer NY
Briganti Giovanni 42 m laborer NY
Brunetti B 18 m laborer unk
Bruno Antonino 1 m child Phil
Bruno D 43 m farmer NY
Bruno Giuseppe 28 m laborer NY
Bruno U. 44 m tinsmith Buffalo
Bufalo Calogero 47 m farmer NY
Buono D 27 m farmer NY
Bussomania A 52 m farmer NY
Cacciacarro A 12 m none VA
Cacicia Giuseppe 7 m child NY
Cacicia Michele 4 m child NY
Caciola M 13 f none NY
Cafiero Fortunata 16 f none NY
Calalico P 35 m farmer NY
Calanda C 7 m child NY
Calanda F 5 m child NY
Calanda P 10 m ch NY
Calando G 3 f child NY
Caldarone Giovanni 54 m laborer NY
Calderone Palmantonio 49 m laborer Chicago
Calderone Valerio 15 m laborer Chicago
Calderoni Vincenzo 30 m ch NY
Calenda G 16 f none NY
Calenda M 18 m laborer NY
Calenda R 47 m laborer NY
Calenda S 13 f none NY
Calerico G 36 m laborer NY
Calerico T 26 m laborer NY
Cali Matteo 36 m laborer NY
Camarda Francesco 44 m laborer NY
Camarda Giuseppa 36 f none NY
Cammarata Salvatore 31 m laborer Buffalo
Cammusco P 20 m farmer NY
Caneo Cesare 34 m laborer NY
Cannora Maria 32 f none NY
Caparelli A 41 m laborer NY
Capasso Antonio 40 m farmer NY
Capitello Antonio 26 m farmer NJ
Capobianco D 16 m laborer NY
Capobianco F 13 m laborer NY
Capodilupo G 15 m laborer NY
Capone L 45 m farmer NY
Capuano R 45 f laborer NY
Carangelo Luigi 27 m waiter NY
Caraturo Ferdinando 32 m laborer unk
Carlinga Pasquale 16 m mason Syracuse
Carnutro G 37 m mason NY
Carpita Gioacchino 26 m farmer NY
Carriera T 26 m laborer NY
Caruso Giovanni 21 m laborer NY
Caruso Giuseppa 37 f none NY
Carvino G 37 m farmer NY

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