Italian Immigrant Ships Passenger List

This is a compilation of Passenger Ships used by The Italian immigrant to reach new shores in an effort to make a better life for themselves and their families. I welcome any additions you may have, anyone wishing to add ships please send an e-mail with details.

These ships may have left from ports in Italy such as Naples, Genoa, Palermo or LeHarve France. They may be to Ports in Canada, USA, Brazil or Australia. Any where the Italian immigrant went is welcome here.

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Ship Departed Arrived
Date Port Date Port
_ _
_ _ _ _
31a Anglia
? ? 13-Apr-1891 New York
2 Brig Fortunato ? Genoa 9-Jun-49 New York
3 Cachmire ? Marsailles 2-Dec 1886 New York
34 Canada 30-Apri-1912 Naples 14-May-1912 New York
4 Celtic ? ? 3-Mar-11 New York
36 Citta di Milano 8-Apr-1907 Naples Apr-28-1907 New York
5 Citta di Milano ? Milano 27-Jun-07 New York
7 Citta di Torino ? Naples 1902 New York
27 Darlington ? Palermo 19 Dec 1882 New Orleans Via Philadelphia
8 Europa 8-Feb-20 Palermo ? New York
29 Europa 5-Aug- 1908 Naples 19-Aug-1908 New York
9 Ferruccio ? Genoa 30-Jul-1851 New York
10 Hohenzollern ? Napoli 28-May-03 New York
11 India 31-Dec-1892 Napoli 3-Feb-1893 New York
24 Konig Albert 2-Jun-1905 Genoa/Naples 15-Jun-1905 New York
28 Konig Albert 15-Mar-1907 Naples 30-Mar-1907 New York
12 La Bretagne 30-Sep-05 LaHavre, France 8-Oct-1905 New York
13 La Provence 4-Mar-11 La Havre, France 11-Mar-11 New York
14 Letimbro ? Palermo 4 Nov. 1886 New Orleans
15 Lombardia ? Napoli 22-May-02 New York
16 Madonna 16-Jan-07 Naples 28-Jan-07 New York
17 Neustria ? Naples 8-Apr-1893 New York
18 Patria ? ? 14-Apr-20 New York
26 Patria 14-Jun-1914 Palermo 26-Jun-1914 New York
19 Perugia Sep-13 Palermo 26-Sep-13 New York
35 Principe di Piemonte 1-Aug-1907 Naples 16- Aug- 1907 New York
20 Prinzess Irene 13-Oct-05 Naples 26-Oct-05 New York
21 Prinzess Irene 2-Mar-12 Palermo 15-Mar-12 New York
30 Prinzess Irene 26 Mar 1909 Naples 9 Apr 1909 New York
25 Romanic ? ? 6-Mar-05 Boston
32 Saturnia 25-May-1928 Naples ? ?
22 Sicilian Prince ? Palermo 24-Oct-03 New York
23 St. Michele 20-July-1857 Genoa ? New York
33 Taorminia ? ? 14-Feb-20 New York

Thank You

To each of You who have contributed to this site.

With out your help it would not be possible

Also to Susan and P.I.E. for making most of this possible and opening the possibilities for so many


Additions or corrections welcome.

If you have a passenger list that you would like to contribute. Please e-mail the details, for inclusion on this website. It needn't be complete any help is better than no help. There might be some one out there looking for just the info you have.

Please let me know if you will answer e-mail questions on your submission.


Comments and General Information

Information to consider before reading these passenger lists.

A Ship passenger list may contain the full list but most are partial and contain Italian names. You must remember that many of these list are very hard to read and that most times there a a great many spelling errors. The Persons transcribing them have tried their best to make them readable, but sometimes that's just not possible. Please remember these people are not professionals and only fellow researchers like you and I.

Please do not rely on this information as being fact, please view the original record if possible. As I said we have done the best we can. But you must consider the endless possibilities of similar names, along with the spelling incompatibility. These lists are meant to be a tool to send you in a direction of possibly finding the correct person. You need to verify information to be sure.

Most of the lists are not alphabetized.The reason for this is that many times people traveled together. By using the list in this way you may be able to find other family members or friends along with the person you are searching.

Research Ideas

Some ships are split over several pages due to the lenght of the passenger list.

Ports of departure

Most Italians left from ports in Italy. Some did not,there are many reasons for this and far to many to list. But a few of them may be the cost of passage the proximity of the port and passport restrictions. La Harve, France seems to be one of the biggest choices for the Italian Immigrant outside of Italian Ports.

Name changes are a problem for many. There are many different reasons for this. So the best way may be to search several variations on any given name. Please remember that in Italy a woman uses her family or maiden name, she did not take the name of her spouse at marriage. You may even try searching by Comune (town) If you know where the person was from. Not all ships list this information but some do.


The best free on line source to search is: Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals : American Family Immigration History Center

When researching for ships in the USA "Italians to America is a very good reference it has 10 volumes as listed:

"Italians to America", Edited by Ira A.Glazier and P. William Filby

  • Volume 1-Jan. 1880-Dec. 1884
  • Volume 2-Jan. 1885-June 1887
  • Volume 3-July 1887-June 1889
  • Volume 4-July 1889-Oct.1890
  • Volume 5-Nov. 1890-Dec.1891
  • Volume 6-Jan. 1892-Dec. 1892
  • Volume 7-Jan. 1893-Sep. 1893
  • Volume 8-Oct. 1893-May 1895
  • Volume 9-June 1895-June 1896
  • Volume 10-July 1896-June 1897

Microfilms of Passenger lists

You will find Microfilms of Passenger Lists at these locations

(FHC)LDS Libraries - location details and Catalog Information.

Large Genealogy oriented libraries such as the

NewBerry in Chicago,USA

Free Library of Philadelphia,USA

Genealogical Research at the USA National Archives

Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals at the USA National Archives on Film

Other Ship Sites

That may help in locating you ancestors ship or that give information on ships such as type, owner, size and year built.

CIMORELLI and P.I.E(Pursuing Our Italian Names Together In E-mail)

"Immigrant Ships"

Immigration Sailing Ships for researching the history of vessels.

Portuguese Passenger Ship Master List

Portuguese Ship Lookup available here (Membership Required)

United States Copy of Naturalization Records

To obtain a copy of naturalization records from the

Immigration and Naturalization Service
425 I Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20536

(ask for form #G-641). After September 1906, both the Declaration of Intention and the Petition for Naturalization ask for the date and place of birth, the date and port of emigration, the name of the vessel, and the date and port of arrival. (Be forewarned that the dates of emigration and arrival were usually given from memory many years after the event, and are therefore often incorrect; however, the name of the vessel is almost always correct, although the name may be remembered in a slightly mangled form.) The instructions for obtaining the documents through the INS are on the PIE website. Go to the FAQs, then to Section B, then to the question that asks how do I obtain my ancestor's naturalization records.

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