Region: Abruzzo
Capital: L'Aquila





The Abruzzo Region is the transitional area between Italy's north and south. It is straight east of Rome and borders the Adriatic Sea. It was caught in a time warp for many years because of it's mountainous area. It is known for it's beauty and age old life style.

Until 1963 this region also included Molise, When searching for records in this area do so by town because records are kept locally. Those towns which are no longer considered Abruzzo, now located in Molise will have the records from what was originally Abruzzo. So do your homework and save yourself sometime.

When searching for ancestors in this area you will sometimes need to take into consideration the terrain. Because it is such a sparsely populated area the towns tend to be on the smaller side. When writing always do so in Italian, results will be better.

Also consider the fact that this area has been bombed during War and has suffered numerous earth quakes. So some records may not exist. There are always other avenues to explore so if one doesn't work out try another.