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Medieval Sicily

Henry Barbera
English, 152 pages.
An account of the eventful and glorious period from the Norman conquest of Sicily to the death of Frederick II, focusing on the political, military, and social events that culminated with the birth of the first absolute state. This book is concise, entertaining, and illuminating from many points of view -- a must for a lovers of Sicilian history.

What Makes a Sicilian?
Gaetano Cipolla
English, 32 pages

Sicily Within
Justin Vitiello
English, 60 pages.

A Thousand Years in Sicily: from the Arabs to the Bourbons
Giuseppe Quatriglio, translated by Justin Vitiello
228 pages, illustrated
Paperback. English.

Beginning with the Arab invasion of Sicily in 827 AD, Quatriglio passionately recounts the vicissitudes of a nation whose people, sharing one language, common traditions and customs, have always aspired to independence and self-determination. All conquerors have left traces in the character of Sicilians, but they were never able to eradicate those special qualities (Sicelitude), that unique way of being, shared by all Sicilians. Illustrated with 52 portraits, prints, ancient maps, and engravings.

The Immigrant Upraised Italian Adventurers and Colonists in an Expanding America
Andrew F. Rolle
ISBN: 080610810X
Hardcover (June 1970)
Univ of Oklahoma Pr

Immigrants in Rural America A Study of the Italians of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana (European Immigrants and American Society)
John V. Jr Bailmonte
ISBN: 0824002113
Hardcover (July 1990)
Garland Pub

The Italians of Newark, a Community Study
Charles Wesley, Churchill
ISBN: 0405063954
Hardcover (August 1975)
Ayer Co Pub;

The Italian American Community of San FranciscoA Descriptive Study
Rose Doris. Scherini
ISBN: 0405134533
Hardcover (June 1980)
Ayer Co Pub;

Italian Americans (American Voices Series)
Michael Witkoski
ISBN: 0865931372
Library Binding (June 1991)
The Rourke Book Company, Inc.
Discusses Italians who have immigrated to the United States, their reasons for coming, where they have settled, and how they have contributed to their new country.

Piety and Power Role of Italian Parishes in the New York Metropolitan Area (1880-1930)
Silvano M. Tomasi
ISBN: 0913256161
Hardcover (June 1975)
Center Migration Studies

Gli Italiani negli Stati Uniti
l'emigrazione e l'opera degli Italiani negli Stati Uniti d'America atti del III Symposium di studi americani, Firenze, 27-29 maggio 1969

The Unknown Internment
An Oral History of the Relocation of Italian Americans During World War II
Twayne Oral History Series, 4
Stephen C. Fox

Rosemary DePasquale Boykin.
Soft Bound, 110 pages
Story of the largest Italian colony in Brazos Co., Texas. Stories of their life style, customs, religion, and farming.

From Sicily to Elizabeth Street
Housing and Social Change Among Italian Immigrants, 1880-1930
Donna R. Cabaccia, Donna R. Gabacci
ISBN: 0873957695
Suny Series in American Social History
Paperback - 174 pages (March 1984)
State Univ of New York Pr

The Italian American Family Album (American Family Albums)
Dorothy Hoobler, Thomas Hoobler
ISBN: 0195081269
Hardcover (June 1994)
Oxford Univ Press
Introduction by Mario M. Cuomo. Using interviews, memoirs, newspaper clips, and black-and-white photographs, the Hooblers have made Chinese and Italian immigrant history come alive. The first-person narratives and individual accounts give the books an intimate voice and a strong emotional impact. Allows readers to journey to America with immigrants from Italy and understand the life they left behind, the struggles of their trip, and the difficulties of beginning life anew through a fascinating compilation.

Italian Americans (Cultures of America)
Carolyn Kott Washburne
Library Binding (June 1995)
Marshall Cavendish Corp
ISBN: 1854357840
Published fall 1994. While highlighting the common American values expressed by its target culture, each book celebrates the culture's enduring uniqueness. A brief history of the homeland and the story of arrival in the United States are followed by chapters about family, religion, customs, and prominent figures, all with numerous black-and-white and color photographs. Some factual errors detract from otherwise attractive volumes.

The Italian Americans (The Immigrant Experience)
J. Philip Di Franco, Sandra Stotsky
ISBN: 0791033759
Chelsea House Pub Paperbacks
Discusses the history, culture, and religion of the Italians, factors encouraging their emigration, and their acceptance as an ethnic group in North America.

An Italian Passage Immigrants to Three American Cities, 1890-1930
John Walker Briggs
ISBN: 0300020953
Hardcover - 348 pages (July 1986)
Yale Univ Pr

Italian Signs, American Streets The Evolution of Italian American Narrative
Fred L. Gardaphe
ISBN: 0822317303
Library Binding - 241 pages (April 1996)

Duke Univ Pr

Italians in America (In America Series)
Ronald P. Grossman, Martha Savaglio
Paperback - 64 pages Rei/updted edition (May 1993)
Lerner Publications Company
Discusses the contributions of Italian explorers and immigrants to the history and civilization of the United States.

LA Storia Five Centuries of the Italian American Experience
by Jerre Mangione, Ben Morreale
ISBN: 0060924411
Paperback - 560 pages (September 1993)
Harperperennial Library
Since Columbus arrived 500 years ago, some five-and-a-half-million other Italians have made the long journey across the Atlantic in search of a better life for their families. La Storia provides a complete account of their particularly rich exodus and Americanization. Photo inserts. "A saga of a people, their struggles, and their triumphs in a new world, told with drama and passion."--New York Times Book Review

The Acculturation of the Italo-Americans in Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1900-1950
Immigrant Communities and Ethnic Minorities in the U S and Canada
Francis A. J. Ianni
ISBN: 0404194893
Hardcover (April 1995)
AMS Press;

Americans by Choice History of the Italians in Utica
George Schiro
ISBN: 0405064225
Hardcover (June 1975)
Ayer Co Pub;

Americans of Italian Heritage
Margherita Marchione
ISBN: 0819198269
Paperback (March 1995)
University Press of America

The Dilemma of the Italian Americans
Richard Gambino.
Paperback - 388 pages
Better described as "Understanding our Italian Origins." From Italy's Mezzogiorno to the cities and suburbs of America, Richard Gambino traces the evolution of Italian-American psyche. Read about:
* Receptions in the New Land - Work, Bread and Fire
* Reasons for Leaving Italy
* The Ellis Island experience, Little Italy, Jobs, etc * The Family System
* L'Uomo di Pazienza - the Ideal of Manliness * La Serieta' - The Ideal of Womanliness
* Religion, Magic, and the Church
* Childhood and Education
* Attitudes Toward Outsiders, Authority and Politics
* What It Means to Be Italian-American in the United States
In this engrossing, full-scale study, Gambino examines a uniquely Southern Italian value system, which survived intact for two thousand often perilous years, and examines the family as the only social reality; explaining its complex system of rules, stratification's, and roles for each member (father as head, mother as core According to the New York Times: "With greater impact than any other non-fiction book, it weaves together the history, sociology, and psychology of first, second and third generation Italian Americans."

Between Peasant and Urban Villager
Italian-Americans of New Jersey and New York, 1880-1980 by Michael J. Eula
ISBN: 0820418641
Paperback (August 1993)
Peter Lang Publishing

Churches, Communities, and Children
Italian Immigrants in the Archdiocese of New York, 1880-1945
Mary Elizabeth Brown
Hardcover 1 Ed edition (November 1995)
Center Migration Studies; ISBN: 0934733562

Ethnic Alienation The Italian-Americans
Patrick J. Gallo
ISBN: 083861244X
Hardcover (March 1974)
Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Pr

Ethnic and Political Attitudes A Depth Study of Italian Americans
Michael, Parenti
ISBN: 0405064136
Hardcover New edition (August 1975)
Ayer Co Pub;

Ethnicity in the Sunbelt Italian American Migrants in Scottsdale, Arizona (Immigrant Communities and Ethnic Minorities in the United States and Can)
Phyllis Cancilla Martinelli
ISBN: 0404194354
Hardcover (June 1989)
AMS Press

Family and Community Italian Immigrants in Buffalo, 1880-1930
Virginia Yans-McLaughlin
ISBN: 0252009169
Paperback (October 1981)
Univ of Illinois Pr (Pro Ref)

From Italy to San Francisco The Immigrant Experience
Dino Cinel
ISBN: 0804711178
Hardcover (August 1982)
Stanford Univ Pr;

From Steerage to Suburb Long Island Italians
Salvatore J. Lagumina
ISBN: 0934733287
Paperback 1st Ed. edition (May 1989)
Center Migration Studies;

Sicilians Wanted the Inquisition
Calogero Messina,
Translated by Alexandra and Peter Dawson
Sicily, 1780. Rumor has it that the authorities want to abolish the Holy Inquisition. Sicilians are alarmed, they protest. Professor Messina, who teaches at the University of Palermo, has written a dialogue showing the Sicilian mentality of the 18th century. 96 pages, paperback, with illustrations.

Customs and Habits of the Sicilian Peasant
Salvatore Salomone-Marino,
edited and translated by Rosalie N. Norris

Lively translation of a classic in the field of Sicilian folklore.The author, a Sicilian physician and dedicated folklorist, depicts the life and customs of the Sicilian peasant of a century ago. Illustrated.

What Italy has Given the World
by Gaetano Cipolla.
An absolute must for Italian-Americans. This wonderful celebration of the Italian contribution to the world is available for distribution to schools and Italian-American organizations. The pamphlet asks one seemingly whimsical question: "What would the world be like if Italy had never existed?" In this little, but very important book, professor Cipolla provides the factual justification for Italian pride. We encourage organizations to buy in large quantities and we offer special discounts as follows: (Minimum order is 5 copies) 32 pages with illustrations.

Tourism is Culture. (English/Italian) A small guide of all nine provinces. 16 pages Color photos and descriptions.

Province Tourist Map - Monuments, historic center, churches, Urban area, Cefalù, etc.

Street Map of Palermo
Street index, Churches, Museums, Monuments.

Of Naturalists' Interest
48 page booklet plus a map of the province with descriptions and color photos of 14 areas.

The Hidden City - (English/Italian). A journey among the forgotten stones. 16-page booklet. 16 color photos.