US Port listing and Information

This section contains information on the microfilm holdings of NARA. When searching for immigrant's you must have the roll numbers to find the person you are looking for.
Once you know what roll the person is on you can scan that film to find the record you need.

To obtain immigration records by mail

Paper copies of immigration records can be ordered by mail using one NATF Form 81 for each person or family group traveling together.

You can obtain the NATF Form 81 (limit 6 per order) by providing your name and mailing address to NARA. Be sure to specify "Form 81" and the number of forms you need.

You can also obtain the NATF Form 81 (limit 6 per order) by writing to:
National Archives and Records Administration
700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20408-0001.

A very important point to remember. Italian woman do not change their surname when they marry. When searching these records use the family / maiden name of the woman in most cases to locate her.

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Brownsville, Tex. See Galveston, Tex.
Canada See St Albans,Vermont, District
Houston, Tex. See Galveston, Tex.
Tacoma, Wash. See Seattle,Wash.
PA Abbreviation for Passenger
Port Townsend, Wash. See Seattle,Was.

Passenger Lists Roll #

Index List Other
Atlantic, Gulf, and Great Lakes Ports Portland, Maine
Index to PA lists, 1820-1874 M334
Providence, Rhode Island PA lists, 1820-1873 M575

1911-1934 T792
1911-1954 T518

PA lists, 1911-1943 T1188
St Albans, Vermont Indexes to Canadian border entries From Canadian Atlantic ports, 1895-1954 M1464

Manifests of PA arrivals From Canadian Pacific ports, 1895-1954 M1464
From Canadian Pacific ports, 1929-1949 M1465
Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore, Maryland 1820-1891 M255 1820-1897 (federal lists) M327 Quarterly abstracts of PA lists, 1820-1869 M596
1891-1909 T844 1833-1866 (city lists) M326

1954-1957 M1477 1897-1952 T520
Index to PA lists, 1890-1924 T517
Boston, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts
1848-1891 M265 Crew lists, 1917-1943 T938
1899-1940 T790

1902-1906 T521
1906-1920 T617

1820-1891 M277
1891-1943 T843

Gloucester, Massachusetts Crew lists, 1918-1943 T941
New Bedford, Massachusetts Index to PA arrivals, 1902-1954 T522 PA lists, 1902-1942 T944 Crew lists, 1917-1943 T942

Portland, Maine
1893-1954 T524
1907-1930 T793

PA lists, 1893-1943 T1151
New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Before 1900 T527 1820-1902 M259 1903-1945 T905

1900-1952 T618 1910-1945 T905 1910-1945 T939
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and S. Carolina

Galveston, Texas Galveston, Texas and Other Texas Ports Index to PA lists, 1896-1906 M1357
Index to PA lists, 1906-1951 M1358

PA lists, 1896-1951 M1359
Gulfport & Pascagoula, Mississippi Gulfport, Mississippi Index to PA arrivals, 1904-1954 T523
Pascagoula, Mississippi Index to PA arrivals, 1903-1935 T523

Key West, Florida
PA lists, 1898-1945 T940
Savannah, Georgia PA lists, 1906-1945 T943
New York, New York New York, New York 1820-1846 M261 1820-1897 M237 1897-1957 (includes crew lists) T715
1897-1902 T519 Registers of vessels, 1789-1919 M1066

1902-1943 T621
1906-1942 T612

1944-1948 M1417
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1800-1906 M360 1800-1882 M425

1883-1948 T526 1883-1945 T840
1906-1926 T791
Detroit, Michigan
Card manifests of entries, 1906-1954 M1478 PA and alien crew lists, 1946-1957 M1479

San Francisco, California Index to vessels, 1882-1957 M1437 1905-1954 M1416 (Alien) 1896-1921 M1436

Index to PA lists, 1893-1934 M1389 1954-1957 M1411 1902-1907 (from Honolulu) M1440
1903-1918 M1412 1907-1911 (from insular possessions) M1438

Seattle, Washington and Other Washington Ports 1890-1957 M1383 Certificates of head tax paid by alien PAs, 1917-1924 M1365
1894-1909 M1484 1890-1957 M1383 Crew lists

1908-1917 (from insular pos.) M1485 1903-1917 M1399 Crew lists
1949-1954 M1398
Records of the US Customs Service, 1820--ca 1891 Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1891--1957
General Port information

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