Immigration to countries other than the USA

In an effort to include all people searching their Ancestors I am going to include specific information as I come across it for Italian immigrants to countries other than the United States. It is to easy for me just to include USA information and unfair to those who did not emigrate to the USA.

I will include under specific Country names the links I find that directly link to those areas. The list is small for now but will grow with your help.

If you have links or information that include Italian immigrants that you would like to see here please E-mail them to me. It will help those just starting and those who need a new lead.
Thank You



Cidade de PASSOS - Minas Gerais - Brasil / Brazil

Brasil-Portuguese Genealogy


Library and Archives Canada

British Columbia Archives

British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid

Canada 411


Tradição - Genealogia e Héraldica Portuguesa


Portuguese Genealogy Master Database


United Kingdom

Anglo-Italian Family History Society